iHALO Krunch: Charcoal Ice Cream

One of the biggest crazes over the summer in Toronto was the charcoal ice cream cone. It was all over Instagram and to be fair, it did look quite appealing.

Although Woofles & Cream provided charcoal ice cream at Adelaide Eats for a short while, it seemed like iHalo Krunch became the go to hub for these cones and so I went with a friend on a hot day.

Unsuprisingly, when we got to the store there was a line but it looked longer than it actually was. The store itself was quite small fitting only maybe about a dozen people at once and so most people were waiting outside.


It took us around 10-15 minutes to get into the store and buy our ice creams. There were several flavours to choose from: matcha, vanilla, ube & the charcoal-infused coconut ice cream. There were also combination of flavours to choose from with one of them being Ube Nut which combined the purple ube flavour with the black charcoal coconut flavour and the one my friend and I chose. The ice creams were priced within the range of $6 – $9.


So was the ice cream worth it?



The high point for the ice cream was definitely its looks. It had a very nice aesthetic look to it which provided for great pictures. I think almost everyone who bought the ice cream took a picture of it right afterwards and they were definitely noticed by people walking by. However, you better take those pictures quickly because it does start melting quite quickly. Although they provide a nice marshmallow filling at the bottom of the cone to prevent the ice cream from dripping, it proved to be ineffective. My friend and I eventually engaged in a game of dodging ice cream droplets and my hand turned a nice blend of purple and black. (80/100)



Unfortunately, while the ice cream lives up to expectation in the looks department, it is quite average when it comes to taste. When I took my first bite, all I could taste was the cononut. The Ube which is a purple yam flavour just seemed to be completely overpowered by the taste of the coconut. The coconut taste also didn’t feel as natural as I thought it would but rather had a synthetic taste to it. The one positive note was the cone. The black cone was quite crispy which I liked since unlike a waffle cone, it did not become soggy because of the ice cream. (70/100)


Overall: 73/100

I do give more weight to the flavour than I do to the presentation and the ice cream at the end was average. I would have it if I was in the area but not go out of my way to get it. I am curious to try the different combinations of flavours though so who knows, I might end up there again in the future.

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