Las Vegas: Gordon Ramsay Burger (1)

I should probably start off by admitting that I’m a big Gordon Ramsay fan and whenever I visit Vegas, I have to eat at each his restaurants multiple times. It is necessary to try as many dishes of his as I can before going back to a “Gordon Ramsay restaurant-less” Canada.

And so starting off with my favourite burger place: Gordon Ramsay Burger.


Getting There

Gordon Ramsay Burger is in the Planet Hollywood hotel across the dancing fountains of Bellagio.


The restaurant which is situated immediately to the left as you enter the hotel is partly surrounded by a thick, large glass wall displaying the name of the restaurant and wavy lines of fire providing a fiery and intense yet warm glow over the dining room.


The one negative aspect of this restaurant is the wait to get a table. The first time I went was on a Saturday evening and so we had to wait for an hour but the other times which were on weekdays: it was usually a 25-30 minute wait.


The Restaurant

The restaurant has this amazing ambiance to it. It manages to combine the relaxation you want when you’re eating food with the liveliness of a place in Vegas. It is vibrant and bold much like the Chef himself and you truly feel like you’ve entered his world as you step into the restaurant. From the bar to the dining room, his presence is very much felt throughout your dining experience with flatscreen TVs displaying his pictures to his menu and tableware.



Appetizers & Dessert/Drink

The waiter recommended to start with a portion of the Kettle Chip Nachos as they were a popular item and boy, did we make the right decision. The kettle chips consisted of shredded corned beef, short rib, sour cream & english cheddar cheese sauce.


The beef was soft and tender which complimented the warm chips quite well. However, I think the winner was the cheddar cheese sauce combined with sour cream. It was creamy and found the perfect balance between sweetness and sourness. Our waiter later informed us that that the balance comes from the beers that are blended with the sauce. It is definitely a dish that should be shared between people but it was absolutely delicious.

In my opinion, the two staple side dishes you need to order with a burger are shakes and fries. Luckily, the restaurant has quite a choice when it comes to these items.

The shakes qualify both as a dessert and drink and is a must buy item. The one I ordered was an Orea milkshake with a creme brulee topping.


The creme brulee can be eaten with a spoon they provide and the shake is the best I’ve had. It is not overly sweet (which I love) and the slightly runniness of the Oreo shake works well with the thicker creme brulee pudding.

My family and I decided to share a portion of regular fries. We had tried the truffle fries before but decided to go with the regular ones this time. They are thicker than your normal fries but are crispy and seasoned perfectly providing a great accompaniment to your burger.



The Burgers

And finally, we arrive to the meat of this post: the burgers. Now as mentioned before, I went multiple times to the restaurant and so I will talk about all the burgers I ate and without further ado, its time for the first one.

1) Hells Kitchen Burger

This is my all time favourite burger and never fails to disappoint. Named after Chef Ramsay’s most popular show, this burger consists of asadero cheese, roasted jalapenos, avocado, roasted tomatoes & jalapeno aioli.


As I bit into the burger, I realized how easy it was to bite through because of the soft brioche bun of which there was the perfect ratio of when compared to the meat. Immediately after, I felt a strong spice coming from the roasted jalapenos but was quickly countered by the roasted tomatoes. I have never liked tomatoes on my burger because I usually find them overpowering yet the roasted tomatoes combined with the jalapenos provided a perfect balance. I honestly didn’t even realize I was eating tomatoes at one point – the balance was just there.


What I loved was how the soft texture of the avocado worked flawlessly with the soft texture of the meat. The patty was incredibly flavourful, soft and tender and your bite did not feel inconsistent because of the softness of the avocado and the other toppings. The avocado was not too mushy and provided a nice buttery texture to the entire burger.

I feel like the avocado also acted as a buffer against the jalapenos and the roasted tomatoes letting the flavours balance instead of one being too strong. Finally, the cheese which had a very light flavour worked well with the jalapeno aioli providing a taste that was not too sweet or spicy.

Overall: this burger is the best. It really is that good and is a definite must try.

So this post is kinda getting long so I’m going to stop it here for now. Keep a look out for the 2nd part!


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