Joe Bird

Joe Bird, a restaurant that serves different types of chicken is situated on the Toronto Harborfront making it an ideal stop for lunch or dinner.



The restaurant itself is very open giving it a nice, airy, comfortable atmosphere fitting for a restaurant near the water. The bar in the middle accompanied with the various windows that allow for sunlight to shine in during the lunch hour provides for a lively yet friendly vibe. This was exacerbated by the rustic feeling of the furniture and decor that filled the restaurant.



As my friend and I arrived at the restaurant, we were promptly seated by a friendly waiter and were greeted soon afterwards by another. To my surprise, the food was brought out much quicker that I was expecting but no complaints there. Overall, the service was quite satisfactory because of the friendly waiters and the decent wait time.


The main parts of the menu are the different types of “birds” or chicken that are served: fried, grilled & BBQ. In addition, there is a sandwich option with chicken or chicken & waffles. There is a diverse selection of sides from simple items like fries to “heavier” items like bean stew.

I opted for 4 pieces of fried chicken (you can get 2, 4 or 8) which comes with 1 side & 1 sauce for I chose potatoes bravas for the former and a yogurt za’atar sauce for the latter.


The chicken was fried nicely with the skin being crispy enough. On the inside, the chicken was soft and juicy going well with the crispyness of the skin. The chicken was nicely seasoned but that seasoning was just on the outside. Even though, the inside was soft, it was slightly on the bland side. The yogurt dipping sauce was forgettable: it wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible either.

This was my first time eating potatoes bravas so its hard for me to compare it to the traditional spanish dish. Unfortunately, this dish was not a positive point for me. I actually didn’t mind it on my first couple of bites but that didn’t last. The potatoes were extremely soft which I feel was a result of too much garlic aioli and oil. I don’t think they were undercooked but it seemed like that. In addition, it was also quite sweet.


On a more positive note, my friend liked his fried chicken sandwich and fries.



Presentation: 75/100

Service: 75/100

Taste: 67/100

Total: 69.40/100

Final thoughts

Overall, I think the restaurant is quite decent and could see myself visiting it again with a friend. The highlights are definitely the service and location and the chicken itself isn’t too bad either – nowhere close to being bad. The potatoes bravas didn’t work for me but I definitely want to try their other sides.

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