Assembly Chef’s Hall (Part 1)

Assembly Chef’s Hall is a brand new food court in the Google offices of Toronto but to simply call it a food court would be an understatement. It is a large space that houses stalls of some of Toronto’s most well known restauranteurs making it a diverse place to visit and eat.


Consisting of about 18 different stalls, there is plenty of choice of what to get ranging from BBQ food to a bowl of ramen. The venue has two main spaces for sitting both consisting of high chairs, benches and regular chairs with tables.

I’ve visited the place 2 times and going around 4 in the afternoon on a Wednesday was a pretty ideal time to visit. However, by 6:30 it had become full of office goers who had just finished work and were grabbing a beer with something to eat. Accompanied with music in the background, it made for a nice atmosphere in the evening.

Now this review will be the first of many to come concerning Assembly Chef’s Hall as I do eventually want to try everything it has to offer.

Mira Mira (68/100)


Mira Mira is a stall that serves relatively healthy food and the first one I tried. The BBQ Okra plate was made up of cauliflower gratin, shishito peppers, coleslaw, pistachios and sunflower crema.


The dish wasn’t bad. The coleslaw and pistachios provided for a nice crunchiness alongside the rest of the dish that had a spice tinge to it. The cauliflower with the cheese spread on top was probably the best part – the cheese providing for a nice spicy, creamy taste to the otherwise slightly plain cauliflower (but this wasn’t really a negative per se). Looking at the plate as a whole including okra was slightly disappointing though. Considering it was BBQ, I was expecting a punch of smoky flavours and that just wasn’t present.


The 2nd time I visited, I decided upon a nice bowl of ramen. In 2016, I made the commitment to try as many ramen places in Toronto since it’s one of my favourite dishes but Ramen Isshin was one I hadn’t tried yet.

Ramen Isshin (rating pending)


Choosing which ramen to get is one of the biggest problems I have to solve whenever I go to a restaurant. I decided to go with the shoyu ramen this time. It was a garlic based one so it had strong flavours but it was perfect for a cold day. The broth was flavourful yet not heavy. I was sort of mixed when it came to the noodles as I thought they could’ve been chewier and the pork itself wasn’t anything remarkable. Overall, this was nowhere close to the worst ramen in Toronto but will need to try more to decide where it really places among other ramen restaurants.

I will not give this place a rating yet since I always like to try more than 1 ramen from a place before deciding my verdict.


Overall Thoughts

Assembly Chef’s Hall is a really cool concept – a sprawling eatery with some of the best Toronto has to offer. I will definitely be going here many many times and I wonder if the current 18 stalls are permanent or will they rotate out.

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