Ozzy’s Burgers (Part 1)

Burgers are one of my favourite dishes to eat and so I usually have very, very high expectations when it comes to eating and judging them. My favourite burger is the Hell’s Kitchen Burger from Gordon Ramsay’s Burger in Las Vegas but Toronto has its share of great burgers from Aloette to Richmond Station.

When I read that a new burger place, Ozzy’s Burgers had opened up in Kensington Market, I was pretty ecstatic to give it a try and so I went with my friend on a Sunday afternoon.


The place like most restaurants in Kensington Market is not very big at all but it emanates a certain humble and genuine character seen in its friendly owner/staff and its open kitchen. The restaurant prides itself in tall burgers loaded with toppings albeit being a bit messy.

The owner and staff were very friendly. I noticed the owner on many occasions meeting and greeting the diners with graciousness, answering questions if someone had any making it overall for a better experience. Even if one isn’t a fan of the burgers, I think they can appreciate the humility that has gone into this place.

Before moving on to the burger, I just want to make the point that this is not the full review of the restaurant but rather the burger I ate. I do eventually want to go back and give another burger or two a try before giving a final rating.


The Mustang Sally (65/100)

The Mustang Sally

I ordered the Mustang Sally which consisted of double prime beef patties, a mix of cheddar and mozzarella cheese, crispy onion rings, smoked beef bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onions, Ozzy’s own sauce and finally spicy chipotle aioli so you know…quite modest overall.


Did the burger live up to its expectations? Sadly, not completely. The burger started to literally fall apart quite quickly – in fact, right after I received it and while I was taking the picture. Although, it can be slightly annoying to eat, I don’t necessarily see it as a big fault because my friend’s similarly impressive burger stayed intact quite well.

However, the burger falling apart did give me the opportunity to taste the patty itself. For me personally, it was a bit overcooked than what I would’ve preferred and a bit dry. I do find this a bit strange since most people’s experiences online have been far more positive than mine and so maybe I was just an exception that day.

I was still able to eat a good portion of the burger like it was meant to: together. Mostly, it was decent. I did think that the sauce and the aioli both overpowered everything else in the burger at times making for a more homogenous taste. This decreased the emphasis of the crispy onion rings and the other toppings.  The aioli added a nice spice tinge overall. While I would give this a 65/100, my friend who had the Paradise Burger would give it anywhere between a 80-85/100 and for him, it was worthy to be compared to its neighbour, Burgernator.


I also ordered the fries and a chocolate shake. The fries were quite nice: golden, crispy and the right amount of salt. The chocolate shake was a regular shake but I was glad they had it on the menu since nothing beats a burger and shake.

I do want to come back here. The burger I had wasn’t really too bad and I wouldn’t mind trying it again but before I give an overall rating to the restaurant, I do want to try their other burgers.

The restaurant should also be commended for using fresh ingredients every day without any added preservatives and without freezing it.

I do recommend this restaurant right now because the prices are not too steep for what you get (mine was $11.99), the owners and staff are friendly and the burger I ate really was not too bad.

Watch out for the next part of the review which will come out within the next month…probably.

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