About The Blog

So Hi,

My name is Adit and I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for quite a while now beginning with recording my food and travel journeys and its finally here!


So what can you expect?

First and foremost: food reviews. I love tasting different types of food and giving my opinion on it. I am in no way an experienced chef who will be able to dissect different flavours but rather just someone who just enjoys trying food. Now since I live in Canada, most if not all of my food reviews will be from the Toronto area.

Secondly, I like to travel (to the US mostly) and I’ll be posting recaps from those trips as well (ps. most of it might be food reviews from specific cities).

Thirdly, I’m a student who studies political science so once in a while I will be posting “mini articles” in which I might discuss something of prominence at the time regardless of it being an international issue or just a Canadian one.

And lastly, I am a big fan of superhero movies/comics and fantasy books so there might be some fun reviews of movies, tv shows and books as well!

I do hope you enjoy reading my blog and get some tips from it (regarding questions you might have) and see you next time!